Hair stylists in Letchworth Garden City and surrounds

At Venus Hair and Beauty we take bad hair personally.

For this reason we use great hair products, including Affinage and Redken for hair colours and hair perms.

Affinage hair colours use datum (UTM) technology to reduce the action of free radicals. Oxygen is encapsulated and transported into the cortex of your hair by gently separating the bonds between the keratin chains. 

Once there, the oxygen is released and the lifting process ends. The deposit of the permanent pigment begins. Due to the technology, the colour will penetrate deeper into the cortex without causing damage to the cuticle layer. This will prevent the next colour from fading. 

The colour contains UV filters which reduce harmful rays. It also contains a special buffer to control oxidation, producing longer lasting colour results.

Whether you want a fresh, funky or classier look, one of our senior hair stylists will help you achieve the look you want.

Whatever type of hair you have, it can truly be your crowning glory with Venus Hair and Beauty.

Dry Cuts £18.00
Wet Cuts £25.00
Blow Dry £20.00
Cut and Blow Dry £30.00
Half Head Foils £55.00
Full Head Foils £65.00
Full Head Tints


Roots £30.00-£40.00
Balayage Colouring £60.00
Perms £50.00
K Pak Joico 3 Step Hair Conditiong £10.00
Olaplex £20.00
Hair Extensions POA

Please add £10 for blow dry and £20 for cut and finish on all colouring treatments

Childrens cuts, plaits and heart plaits £10.00
Beauty & Hair salon in Letchworth Garden City by Venus Hair and Beauty
Beauty & Hair salon in Letchworth Garden City by Venus Hair and Beauty

For high grade hair stylists in Bedford, Dunstable and surrounds, call Venus Hair and Beauty on 01462 682 770


A revolutionary treatment from the US called Olaplex is applied as a stand alone treatment or during a colouring session. It multiplies and rebuilds the bonds broken during colouring especially bleaching and other chemical processes. Celebrity colourists Tracey Cunningham has used it on J.Lo, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow. She says, "It gives me the power to do things I never thought possible, to colour more often, go lighter and double process on the same day without any fear of breakage."
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